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About Us

Working hard all day, everyday!

Sometime between 2011-2012 we found CrossFit and immediately fell in love with this new sport/ fitness program. CrossFit was perfect for us, each day brought out a new skill to master and workouts soon turned into mini competitions between the three of us. As things progressed, this hour a day workout with friends in our garage, quickly grew into something much more. It became our passion.

At Override Athletics we believe true wealth in this world lies in one’s health both physically and mentally. Often times life’s biggest obstacles lie within our minds, and being strong between the ears is one of our best weapons for success.

We believe that all people have the power to “Be the author of their own story.” What we choose to do with our time, the individuals we surround ourselves with, and the voice inside our heads all have a direct impact on our success. We are in ultimate control of our fate. No matter what happens, we have the ability to react in a manner that will positively impact our lives.

We must also remember, nothing great in this world ever came easy. To be truly great we must be devoted to the effort, time and work it takes to get there. Modern Culture today is often showing or selling us a quick fix and it’s important that we do not get consumed by this. More times than not, the obstacle is the way.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to turn this passion into a career, and run a gym that will be recognized, not only for the results of its clients, but its purpose in the community. We aim to make a positive impact in the community by bringing the leading education and practices in exercise, nutrition, and optimal well-being. Our Mission is to inspire young athletes to work hard and follow their dreams, while motivating adults to learn new skills, achieve their fitness goals, and improve overall health/ well-being.

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