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Our experienced coaches can help you achieve your fitness and health goals!


Eric April

Co Founder/Head Coach

CF L1 Certified

I graduated from the UConn School of Business in 2016. After graduation, I began interning at Integrated Athletic Performance as a trainer and that is where I ultimately found CrossFit.

Growing up in athletics my entire life, it was only right that I pursued a career in fitness. Exercising is something that has helped shape me (physically and mentally) into the person I am today. I was immediately drawn into CrossFit because it was something new, and different. What I like about it most is there is ALWAYS something to work on. It’s an exercise program that’s humbling, but at the same time gives you confidence as you watch your fitness level grow year after year. After doing CrossFit for a few years, I was certain I wanted to combine the passion I had for fitness with my formal education from UConn and open up a CrossFit gym.

My goal is to help people live a healthy and capable life and owning a CrossFit gym has given me the platform to do so.


Nick Chiovitti

Co Founder/Head Coach

CF L1+L2 Certified

Nick Chiovitti graduated from DeSales University in the spring of 2012, where he received his Bachelors Degree in Sport and Exercise Science and a minor in Sport Management. At DeSales, Nick earned four varsity letters for Baseball and was named to the Freedom-Mac 1st Team All-Conference his senior year.

Along with his CrossFit Lv.1, Nick is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, USA Weightlifting Level 1 Coach, and is also certified through the American Heart Association in First Aid, CPR, and AED.

Over the last 5 years Nick has worked with hundreds of athletes and adults at Integrated Athletic Performance/ CrossFit Oakville. It is here that Nick gained a wealth of knowledge and experience, which ultimately drove him to begin his own business with Marshal and Eric in CrossFit Override.

“Having seen the positive impact CrossFit has had on my life first hand, my goal is to help as many others see the benefits of CrossFit and a healthy lifestyle.”


Marshal Szyndlar

Co Founder/Head Coach

CF L1 Certified

I grew up in a very physical lifestyle, being one of 5 boys. Trying any physical activity I was exposed to at the time pond hockey, karate, running, swimming, biking, climbing, wrestling, the push game, and anything that could challenge me physically. During my high school career, I was a varsity letterman in football, basketball, and baseball. During my senior year, I would focus on just playing baseball, in the hopes of going on to pitch in college. My college baseball career was cut short when I blew my knee out playing pickup basketball in the fall semester of my freshman year. Before I could even jog again, I started coaching as a hitting and pitching instructor at Frozen ropes in Danbury CT. I soon found my new passion in performance coaching and months after starting at Frozen Ropes I found Crossfit! My first WOD was “Grace”. It took me about 8 minutes to finish the 30 reps of hell but from that point on I was hook’d! Fast-forward 3 years. I have worked in multiple gyms across Connecticut (Healthtrax Fitness and wellness, Crossfit Oakville/IAP and Crossfit Hook’d). Not a day goes by that I am not reading and listening to different Crossfit, strength and conditioning and movement coaches on the greatest and latest information on anything and everything performance and fitness. Crossfit has changed my life, I am much stronger and faster than I have ever been. More disciplined and healthier! I am very grateful to wake up everyday with a passion to learn and grow, and help others learn and grow as well. The manifestation of my life in crossfit has lead me to follow my heart and see through to my dream in opening Crossfit Override with my two best friends.


Amy Hatfield

Assistant Coach

CF L1 Certified

Amy started dancing and swimming competitively at a very young age, as well as participating in recreational softball and soccer leagues for most of her youth.   She was a varsity swimmer and cross country runner in high school, and went on to swim and run for Gordon College, where she studied Elementary Education and English.  Amy went on to work in a Special Education Autism Program and as a club swim team coach.  She also became very involved in scouting programs while working as an Aquatics Director at Camp Workcoeman and volunteering as a Venture Scout Leader.

Maintaining a healthy weight was a constant challenge for Amy, but after college, without a team for support and a coach for guidance, it became increasingly difficult for her to achieve a healthy lifestyle on her own.  In 2014, a friend suggested that she try a class at CrossFit Torrington, and she was hooked.  She became a CF-L1 trainer in 2016, and has enjoyed coaching and learning from the internship program with CrossFIt Override.

“CrossFit has given me the tools and motivation to safely and effectively regain control of my life.  It has made me stronger and healthier, both mentally and physically, and has pushed me to overcome limitations in ways I never thought possible.  CrossFit combines the positive community, nutrition, and exercise that is needed to inspire incredible growth, and it is a blessing to share it with others every day.” 


Dan Solla

Assistant Coach

CF L1 Certified

CrossFit Strongman

Dan was born and raised in Waterbury, CT, and graduated from Post University with a degree in Business Management. He played many sports growing up, but found he was most passionate about soccer. Playing at all levels he was named to the Connecticut Olympic Development Team his senior year and played two years at Post University. Currently Dan is attending The University of Bridgeport for his masters in secondary education. 


Dan was introduced to CrossFit by his brother in 2011, aside from the challenge of daily workouts he also enjoyed the incredible relationships and camaraderie that came with his experience. Holding his L-1 since 2012, Dan has coached CrossFit in many different capacities and is very excited to join the CF Override staff.


Chris Faustino

Assistant Coach

CF L1 & L2 Certified

Fitness and coaching have always been a huge part of Chris’ life. Playing baseball and football through childhood then shifting gears to track and football in high school, he was always been engaged in some sort of sport and off-season training. After freshman year of college, Chris briefly focused on triathlons and obstacle course races before finding CrossFit through Spartan Races and their sponsorship with Reebok. From there he fell in love.

“It combined my passions of fitness, helping others, and building communities. Through a couple of orthopedic reconstructive surgeries my senior year, I focused more of my time on coaching and learning as much as I could about the methodology than actively participating, but got right back at it as soon as I could after my rehabs. Since graduating I’ve been involved in several gyms to varying capacities from head coach/manager to smaller coaching gigs. CrossFit never ceases to amaze me, nor do the owners, coaches, and athletes. I’m very glad to have found a home at Override, getting to work with an amazing staff and push my fitness with fierce athletes.”


Jess Fusco

Assistant Coach

CF L1 Certified

“Outside of the gym, I am a commercial credit analyst. I graduated from SCSU with a bachelors in 2018. I started CrossFit in October of 2013 and received my L1 in December of 2015. Growing up my mother got me into softball and her competitive spirit was instilled in me. It was not until later in high school after struggling with weight and body image that I got into fitness. It became my therapy, but at some point I became bored with the routine gym. I was drawn to CrossFit because of the competitive nature and the women who just beamed confidence. I was hooked once I took my first on-ramp. What I love most is the community. You can have a bad day and walk into the gym and even if you suck the whole workout the team is going to push you

and cheer you on.


“What I love most about coaching anything is seeing people surprise themselves. It’s incredibly rewarding to help people towards their personal goals.”


Zach Eucalitto

Assistant Coach

CF L1 Certified

“I have always been involved in sports in some way shape or form. I played baseball, basketball, wrestling, football and swam in my short time on this planet. I fell in love with wrestling and football in highschool and then decided to try something new and walked on to my college swim team at Southern CT State University. After competing in college there was a hole in my heart that CrossFit filled. I found a community where I could compete, suffer and grow all in one.

“Not long after joining CrossFit I knew I wanted to dive further into its world. I have always had a passion for coaching. I coached almost all the sports I participated in so naturally I wanted to coach crossfit. As I learned more about health and fitness I didn’t just want to coach but I wanted to inspire people to make better decisions in their lives. I think we all should take our best shot at being the best version of ourselves that we can and I believe that starts with fitness and health.”


Karen Littau

Assistant Coach

CF L1 Certified

Growing up, I was always active. From riding my bike, to going on hikes, ice skating, roller blading, and all those fun activities you were outside playing until the street lights came on. I played a few sports here and there, but nothing competitively. Fast forward to my college education, where I didn’t focus too much on my health or nutrition. Once I graduated from UConn in 2018, I was looking to find a local gym near me to get my health back on track. I came across CrossFit and said heck, let's give it a try.

It’s been an absolute blessing to walk into CrossFit Override every single week since. The beauty of CrossFit is that it’s so uniquely adaptable to each and every person. The work you put in shows, and you have a whole community of people to share those victories with. Entering CrossFit, I was timid and unsure of my abilities. Three years later, I am fitter than I have ever been. Sometimes showing up is the hardest part, but with CrossFit Override, every class is a community. The best part of my day is walking through those doors.


Michelle Yiznitsky

Assistant Coach

CF L1 Certified

I grew up living being very physically active. I started competitive gymnastics at age 4 and was a dancer as well. I was on the track and volleyball team in high school and loved to be active every second I could. I received my first bachelor’s degree from CCSU in 2013 in Criminal Justice and soon after became a police officer. While being a police officer and in the Army National Guard, I knew that fitness was important in my life for health and for safety and a friend introduced me to CrossFit. I was hooked immediately. I love the competitive aspect and how a part of it includes gymnastics.

A few years and a CF L1 later, I knew I wanted to have a job that was more active and involved teaching others how to live healthy lifestyle. I then went back to school for a degree in Physical Education and Health. During this time, I was coaching CrossFit and weightlifting at Yankee CrossFit. I loved meeting new people and the community that comes with CrossFit. In 2019, I transitioned myself into weightlifting. I found a huge love for weightlifting and how technical it is. I have since competed in my first Nationals in 2021 and can’t wait for more competitions. I still dabble in CrossFit if you can coerce me into doing a wod with gymnastics.


 I am now a PE and Health teacher in Waterbury. I love that I can go to my job and help teach kids how to live a healthy lifestyle but then go to the gym and continue to help people reach their goals.


Andrea Chiovitti

Assistant Coach

CF L1 Certified


I have been doing CrossFit since the summer of 2015. Before CrossFit, I was an avid distance runner, having run at the Division I level at Quinnipiac University. After finishing my undergraduate degree at Quinnipiac, I dabbled briefly in marathon running before finding both Nick and CrossFit and falling in love with both. 

I immediately recognized the positive impact CrossFit had not only on my overall fitness level, but also on my personal body image. CrossFit has helped me to embrace my own strength and cultivate a healthy relationship with both food and exercise by teaching me how to properly fuel for performance. I got my Level 1 certification in November 2020 because I am passionate about showing others what a profound impact CrossFit can have on peoples’ lives both inside and outside the gym. I am especially excited to share what I have learned with women and the elderly. 


CrossFit is my main competitive outlet as I am constantly training to become a more well-rounded athlete. When I’m not training, I work as a nurse anesthetist and enjoy baking, being outside and spending time with my friends and family.

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