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“Decide once and don’t revisit it.”

You might be someone who decided to commit to your health. You joined a gym. You made the decision to lose weight. You started a nutrition plan. You’re building new habits.

But then there will come times when you revisit that decision too often.

“I don’t feel like going today.”

“I’m too tired to meal prep.”

“I’ll just do it tomorrow.”

If you already decided you are going to be the person who eats well, exercises consistently, and lives a healthy lifestyle, do your best not to revisit that decision based on how you feel.

Our feelings can have too much control over us. If you always base your decisions off how you feel, you won’t go in the direction you want to go. Author Seth Godin talks about this idea with “writers block”. He decided one time that he was going to write a blog everyday.

“I won't write a blog tomorrow because I feel like it. I'll do it because it's tomorrow.”

Stick to your commitment.


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