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Series: Override Core Value #4 (Mind Over Matter)

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

2020 sure has been one heck of a year. We’ve all had to face our fair share of adversity. We’ve all been tested in one way or another. Some of us have failed (maybe more than once or twice) and some of us have succeeded. Just like sports, if we boil things down to the nitty gritty it’s usually not the physical attributes that determine success but rather the intangible pieces that make the difference.

So what really separates those who fail vs those who succeed?

At Override we believe life’s biggest obstacles lie within our minds, and being strong between the ears is one of our best weapons for success. Our beliefs, focus, and self talk are what matter most when it comes to overcoming life’s biggest challenges, weathering the storm and coming out on top.

Every thought, belief and action you have has energy…Energy pushing you closer to your goal or energy pulling you further away.

Choosing to focus on the things you don’t get to do vs. what you can do = negative energy.

Telling yourself, “I’m not strong enough” or “I’m bad at running” or “Well that’s just his/her genetics they can eat whatever they want” = Negative energy

Hanging out with the wrong people = Negative energy

The beauty of this life is that we get to decide our thoughts, where we put our focus and who we spend time with. Just like training your deadlift or squat this thought process and focus can be trained and strengthened.

If your mind is currently trained to look for reasons why you can’t do something, then you must focus on retraining it to find the reasons why you can. If you are currently hanging out with others who aren’t lifting you up then you must find others who are excited to see you succeed.

We must always remember, we are in ultimate control of our fate. No matter what happens, we have the ability to react in a manner that will positively impact our lives.


How do you handle adversity? Where is your focus? What are the thoughts and beliefs you’re telling yourself? Who are you spending time with?

Don’t like your answers? It’s not too late. Start making the changes you need today!!

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