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Series: Override Core Value #6 (Be The Author Of Your Story)

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

One of life’s greatest gifts is that we are all given a book from day one (our book). Each one of us starts with the same blank pages. Then we fill it in with stories and chapters as time passes by. By doing so, we turn those same blank pages into our own unique stories.

WE believe that all people have the power to “Be the author of their own story.” What we choose to do with our time, the individuals we surround ourselves with, the values and principles we live by and the voice inside our heads all have a direct impact on our success. We are in ultimate control of our fate and no matter what happens, we have the ability to react in a manner that will positively impact our lives.

What about you?

Do you feel like the author of your own story? Or do you feel like a character in someone else’ story?

Regardless of where you are now, you have the power to begin writing your story in a manner that you want to pursue.

  1. YOU are the one thinking of the concepts for your story when you are fantasizing about your future.

  2. YOU are the one who writes your story when you live in the moment

  3. YOU are the one deciding which characters take a part of your story when you meet new people

  4. YOU are the one who edits the story when you find out certain people or situations don’t work out as planned.

  5. YOU are the one who will finish it until the end of the book.

To truly be the author or our own story we must do 2 things…

  1. Take a true look inside yourself and ask… What are you passionate about? Are you truly happy with what you’re doing? What principles and values do you want to live out?

  2. Take Action – Too often in life we get complacent. We wait for things to happen for us or we get caught up in letting someone else write our story for us. To be truly happy in this life we must seek out those things that light the fire within us and take action!

If you want adventure, you have to write an adventure story (Go out and explore). If you want meaning and fulfillment, you must determine what values make you happy and live your life by those principles.

What will it take to love your life story to create the happy endings you desire?

Don’t wait for it to happen. Get started today!!

  1. Write out the principles and values you want to live by.

  2. Outline the kind of story (life) that you want for yourself.

  3. Go Make it Happen!!

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