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Andrea Bingham

Andrea has been a member at Override since day one and really embodies a lot of the Override core values. She is extremely supportive of everyone that walks in the door, works her butt off, and truly gives back to the Thomaston community through her work at the Opera house and countless community service projects. She’s also a soon to be strong ass Momma!! Congrats Andrea and Dustin!!

As she puts it… “Originally I was drawn into CrossFit by my now husband. I did one workout and hated it. Then after a couple of months, I came back. I got to know the other members and they encouraged me to keep coming back and trying.”

“My first impression was that I thought these people were crazy. I thought the women were very intimidating… After I started speaking with everyone, inside and outside the gym, I realized how wrong I was. The best part about CrossFit is the community. Everyone is there supporting you and encouraging you to go further than you thought you could.”

“My first gym PR? I ran my first mile during CrossFit. I had never ran a mile before in my whole life. That was a really big deal for me mentally and physically. Now I am working on scaling back and fixing poor habits. I know I am strong enough to go harder and heavier but I know that I need to fix these core elements in order to be a better athlete.”

“My favorite Override memory was the first competition that I signed up for (Beat the Heat). I was encouraged to do it with Coach Amy. Marshal, Nick, Andrea, and Rachel were competing as well. We didn’t really know each other as well as we do now, but I can remember how supportive they were. And a bunch of the other members came too to cheer us on. Amy and I made it to the final round and we were in the back corner of the gym. I can remember the Override group just cheering us on. It was and still is amazing to have that kind of support. And I really believe it is unique to the Override family.”

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