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Rachael Novak

Rachael is a mother of two and someone who from the day she walked into the gym has really embodied the #HWPO mentality. She is super consistent in class and is constantly putting in extra work on her gymnastics and olympic lifts. Let me tell you, it’s paying off. 

As she puts it…

“I have wanted to join a CrossFit gym since both of my girls were babies; however life was so busy I couldn’t figure out a way to prioritize myself yet. Ian convinced me to come to the gym with him (he’d been coming for a couple months) and finally try it on Thanksgiving day of 2018. I LOVED the challenge of that first workout.”

“I instantly felt like I had found my place. The challenge was thrilling and being surrounded by so many people with barbells clanking all over the gym really got my adrenaline going (it still does, I love that sound). I’d been going to a big gym for a long time where everyone wears headphones and looks down when walking to the next piece of equipment. Here however, everyone is so welcoming and encourages each other across all ability levels. Now that I’ve been coming for a while, I’ve made some really great friends and my daughters have gained some awesome role models.”

“My first gym pr? How about a mental “PR”? One thing that really sticks out for me is Murph 2019. I was still pretty new to CrossFit and was still scaling all my workouts. I wasn’t confident I could finish Murph by myself so decided to split it with a partner (Jess M :).  When Jess & I finished super early, I realized there was still so much more in me and that I could have done it solo. That was a big “ah ha” moment for me. Realizing my body was a lot stronger and capable than I’d believed.”

“Now that I’ve gotten more confident in a lot of the movements, I’ve been working on getting stronger by practicing the big 4 movements after class (squats, bench, overhead press & deadlifts). I’ve been prioritizing my leg strength because I’ve had issues with my knee for years, and it flares up after a lot of legwork – so I want to try and fix that.”

“My favorite memory – Oh goodness I can’t possibly choose one, there are so many, how about a collage of memories! Every single partner workout and extra work with friends :)”

Keep crushing it Rach!!! It has been an honor getting to see the amount of progress you’ve made in and out of the gym and we’re excited for what’s to come!!

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