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Macaela Cirish

At 36 weeks pregnant Macaela is still working on the frontlines during all of this craziness!! (THANK YOU Macaela ) As a nurse practitioner she continues to serve and treat a number of patients each day and yet has still managed to make time to get in her “at home” workouts and keep her health and fitness a priority. She truly is an inspiration to us all!!

Here is her story…

“After competitively swimming for most of my life, I felt a little lost in regards to how to stay in shape after I stopped. I joined my local gym which had some spin and group classes but I still didn’t feel challenged enough or fulfilled. I had heard about CrossFit and it reminded me a lot of my “dry land” workout for swimming so I signed up a few years ago.

“My first impression was that there was no way I was going to be able to do at least half of the movements/skills. Over the years, I have learned that everything is modifiable and have accepted that while there are still movements that I need to work on or may never master, I am getting better every day.”

“My first bright spot was probably a rope climb. I had been so in my head about doing it that when I faced my fears and really tried it, I was regretful that I hadn’t tried it sooner. I have learned to trust my body more and that I am much more capable than I think. I feel like any workout I can do “Rx” feels like a PR to me!”

I am not working on any PR’s at the moment being pregnant with my first child. I am so happy that I have been able to safely exercise under the guidance of such amazing coaches. I am just focusing on trying to get my 3 “WOD’s” in every week, modifying as needed and staying healthy.

My favorite Override memory was the first Open of 2018. Every week I looked forward to Friday night when the gym was full of such energy and positive vibes. Everybody cheering me on helped me get through the “dark place/pain cave”

Keep killing it Macaela! We all can’t wait to meet the newest member of the Override Family


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