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Dave Welch

Dave is one of the O.G. 6AM’ers and is always ready to put in some good old fashioned hard work. Not to mention he is one of the few people who actively volunteers for the assault bike. #Hardenedmind

What brought you to CrossFit in the first place?

“Shannon and I were just doing “normal” gym workouts at World Gym and their front desk sales guy wouldn’t stop asking us to do their 2 week trial. One day I just caved and signed up. Mainly so I could stop acting like I was on my phone every time I saw him. It ended up being one of the better things to be “forced” into. Not too long after, we made the decision to switch to Override and we haven’t looked back.”

“Before knowing anything about CrossFit, it looked like a sport where super strong athletes got to show off how many times they could flip a tire while climbing a rope, all while wearing a weight vest. However It’s really all geared towards staying healthy and mobile. It’s not about who has the most weight on the bar, or who’s going the fastest. It’s about making YOURSELF better, each and every day.”

“Currently I’m working on 3 goals. 1) Get my first Muscle Up. 2) 200 Cals on the bike in under 12min. 3) Add more Rogue Shirts to my collection.”

-“My favorite Override memory is from our very first class. We showed up and I realized I left Shannon’s sneakers at home. Before she had the chance to get mad at me, members and coaches were offering to let her borrow a pair. She went from not having sneakers to having options to choose from in about 30 seconds. It’s my favorite because it was my first impression and showed the type of close family atmosphere that Override provides… and I didn’t get in trouble!!”

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