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Ian Ferg

Ian owns his own business (guitar lessons if anyone’s trying to become the next Jimmy Hendrix). Since the day Ian joined he was the type of person you knew was going to do well. His attention to detail and work ethic are something we can all strive for and his transformation is pretty kick ass (Swipe to see the pics). If you ever need to find him just check the gym he’s usually there working technique on his oly lifts or the back 9 at Greenwoods Country Club. Rumor has it he once played 13 rounds in a row without sleeping.

Here’s his story,

“I wanted to join a CrossFit gym since I moved back to CT after finishing my Bachelor’s, but building my business and then finishing my 2nd degree completely absorbed my entire life for several years. Over that time, due to the sedentary nature of my work and my then lifestyle, I put on excess weight and developed some aches and pains that became a real issue. When I finally had the ability to build gym time into my schedule, I contacted my life-long friend and neighbor, Coach Amy, because I knew she was a beast in the gym and I wanted in on the action!”

“CrossFit Override has drastically changed and affected every aspect of my life. I feel better, look better, have more confidence, and have a better handle on my life and my body. My favorite part of the gym is the atmosphere, the comradery, and the simple fact that the gym is there every day, no matter what’s going on in my crazy life. You get out exactly what you put in, and learn to push the definitions of tenacity and momentum.”

What’s your favorite bright spot? 

“Honestly there are too many bright spots/ PRs to list, but I’m most proud of my Oly lifting progress and PR’s. I recently squat cleaned 215lbs for 2 reps during a Saturday morning WOD, and that felt amazing. Also, finally learning my bar muscle up after practicing it for literally months was a major confidence booster as well.” 

“Right now I’m trying to get stronger. I’m messing with my diet and macros, and continuing to build confidence and technique with my weightlifting. My latest project is to try and improve my all around mobility/flexibility, and of course I’m constantly working on metcon endurance to lower my daily WOD times.”

What’s your favorite part of Override?

“I love it all! All the various memories of accomplishments after PR’s, and the feeling of just finishing a super hard metcon and crumbling down onto the rubber beneath you, not because you want to, but because you can’t stand up another second. I get new great memories every day when I hit the floor and know that I couldn’t have given that workout one more ounce of gas.”

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