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Kathleen Hazelton

Kathleen started at Override after an injury from running had kept her out of her normal routine.

“I had gained some weight and was feeling down and needed a change. I started with some friends. We came to a 6am class and couldn’t find the place in the dark. We almost turned the caravan around and left.”

“Right from the get-go I felt like I was in good hands even though everything was so new. Now it just feels like a super comfortable, friendly environment full of friends who all push each other to do our best every day.”

“My first gym accomplishment was learning the language and deciphering what Marshal wrote on the board…I don’t remember what the workout was, but the first time I finished a workout RX was pretty exciting. It had rope climbs in it. I shredded my shin but it was totally worth it.”

“Eric will tell you everyday is like my first day, but I’d like to be able to do more than one toes to bar in a row and I’m determined to figure out the candlesticks.”

“My favorite Override memory is a warm fuzzy one. I PR’d my deadlift and looked over and Eric was so excited! Best feeling ever!!!

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