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Lindsay Aronheim

Growing up playing sports all her life, Lindsay really gravitated towards CrossFit and has been a special member at Override since day one. 

As she puts it:

“I played sports most of my life until about half way through college. After that I continued to go to the gym and workout, but I would fall off the wagon pretty easily. I knew I needed something that would satisfy that team mentality for me since the treadmill and classes at the Y weren’t cutting it.

“At first I was SCARED. I made a kid I went to high school with take me on my first day. He told me not to eat too much before you go because you probably won’t feel good.  I guess not eating too much before I work out hasn’t really changed… But I am not scared to physically step foot into the gym anymore. I used to be intimidated and nervous about what people would think of me. Now there is no place I would rather suffer and look a complete mess than at CrossFit. It’s a safe space for me, where it’s ok to not be able to do things and to learn. I have come to realize that some days you will finish first and some days you will finish last and both of those things are OK.”

“My First PR?…I guess everything is a PR when you start, right? There are so many! It wasn’t my first, but my favorite at CFO is definitely an unexpected power clean PR. I was alone during open gym and just finishing my workout that ended in power clean singles. Marsh and Nick walked in and just kept telling me to put more weight on the bar. I hit 175 and Marsh (in true Marsh fashion) said “f*** it, do 185.” We all laughed as I put 10 more lbs on and shook my head. I missed it the first time, but they didn’t let me walk away. I went back to the bar and what do you know? I made the lift.”

“I don’t know if I can choose a favorite gym moment! There are so many… but one of my favorites was when the roof imploded (hear me out.) I know this was a pretty crappy day/week for Marsh, Nick, and Eric, but the response of the community (both CFO and local CrossFits) was nothing short of amazing. I can’t say for sure, but it seemed like every single member of our gym showed up at that Chio’s that week to get their fitness on. No one cared that it was dumbbells on dumbbells on dumbbells, and a little bit drizzly some days… people showed up with smiles on their faces. It was a true testament to the community at Override.”

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