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Nicole Morris

Nicole or Tricky Nicky as she goes by is a true O.G. at Override. She attended one of our first ever trial classes before we officially opened and has been here ever since. She’s basically family. Sure from time to time she can drive us coaches all crazy with music requests and wanting to switch up workouts. BUT, she’s also the one that is always going to tell it to you straight and ALWAYS has your back. Now thats true love

She’s also been kicking ass since quarantine started. She’s shed some body fat, built muscle and completely changed her mindset towards running. *If you know Nicole you all know how big of a deal this is!!

Here’s her CrossFit journey as she puts it…

“The idea that brought me to CrossFit was knowing I needed to start a new journey that included healthier choices and moving my body  more. I’m pretty confident and comfortable in every aspect of my life except working out. The gym, any training environment, was always intimidating to me. I’ve never played a sport and didn’t have a foundation of strength or endurance and that was something I got hung up on mentally. Despite regularly expressing how much I hated Crossfit. I was in need of a new environment, a new challenge and, definitely, a new music selection.”

So what brought you to Override?

“I attended an invitational before Override opened and I could see in Nick’s, Marsh’s, and Eric’s eyes that they were going to pour their heart and souls into it. A couple months later, I made the transition to Override and have never regretted it. I love working with people that want to see you become the best version of yourself. There is competition, but in a friendly, positive way. This community has continued to prove that no matter what your ability, you’re part of the crew. I love that no matter how shitty your day is there is always someone believing that you have more in the tank. Their belief in you builds your confidence to know you CAN actually give a little more. I know I’ll never be the fastest, but I’m willing to put in the work to be better; I also know my Override family will never stop cheering me on.”

What was your first gym PR? 

“Do any other PRs besides deadlifts count? No jk my favorite PR was hitting a 340# Deadlift PR during the in-house powerlifting meet!!!

What are you currently working on now? 

“Running more! I’m planning to do Murph for the first time this year, and I am always working to improve my deadlift. I want to pull 350lbs and, of course, “Skinny by Saturday” is still my thing (apparel coming soon).

Whats your favorite Override memory?

“There are so many great memories to choose from! When I was asked about doing this a month ago, I had narrowed it down to the memory that  was my favorite, but, since the Corona craze started, the process we are going through now has definitely trumped them all. It seems crazy that something so awful could lead to something pretty great. Our Override coaches have never skipped a beat. The workouts are as detailed and as challenging as they were in house. It’s pretty f$@king moving that with the constant checking-in and continuous love and support of everyone involved, our Override family has come together stronger than ever. Thank you Override for being bigger and better than anyone could imagine.

“I continue to despise running, burpees, and thrusters, but I love everything else about our Override family! The great people I’ve met, the friends I’ve made, the partners I’ve died with, the continuous support & guidance from the coaches – all are irreplaceable. I love being part of this community!”

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