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Peggy has been a member at Override since day one and truly embodies the HWPO mentality. Just ask the other members and they all will tell you how much of a gamer she is!!

So what got you into CrossFit?

“I had heard about the challenge that CrossFit offers. I wanted to improve my strength and this seemed like it would be fun and offer a lot of variety in the workouts. Once I caught my breath after the first workout (one that included wall balls) I knew I was hooked. Even though I struggled through the workout, everyone encouraged me to push through and gave me high fives and fist bumps when I finished. It is the challenge of continuous improvement and the great supportive community that has kept me coming back for five years.”

“This consistency and work ethic has lead to many PRs both in the gym and outside it… “The first goal I set for myself was to complete a workout as prescribed. The first Rx’d workout I did included 65# power cleans—a PR for me. First PR and first Rx’d workout completed!”

What’s next on the list?

“Chest to bar pull-ups is my next goal. It is eluding me right now, but I have all the confidence that I can get it if I keep working on it.  Then…bar muscle ups, I’m comin’ for ya.”-

When asked about her favorite Override Memory Peggy said this:

“Finishing the Murph workout last Memorial Day weekend and shaving 8 minutes off my previous time while the entire Crossfit Override team cheered me on pushing me to finish. It’s more than just a gym. I’m so grateful to be a part of the CFO community.

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