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Shannon April

Shannon is coach Eric’s sister and if you ask her… She’s stronger, smarter, and better looking than her brother. Throw her a workout with some running and deadlifts and she’ll steal your lunch money. She’ll probably even give it back (with a smile.) Shannon is always rocking a smile and has been a huge part of our community since day one. We love you Shan!!

Here’s her story, 

“The day Eric told me he was opening up a CrossFit gym with our good friends Nick and Marshal I was honestly shocked. I knew they had been training together for a while at ‘the barn’ but I wasn’t really sure what they were doing. I drove home from college on their opening day to take my first class and I was hooked. It had that competitive nature and athleticism I was missing since I stopped playing sports after high school. Not only is there always something to work towards whether its a new gymnastics skill, a faster mile, or a heavier weight, there’s always someone next to you pushing you to leave everything on the gym floor.

“My favorite part of Override is the community it has created. It’s a place I’m genuinely excited to go to everyday even after having the craziest stressful day at work. People probably get tired of me talking about Override (oops), but it has made so much of an impact on my life that I can’t stop. It’s a place where you meet so many different people with one common goal.”

“My mindset has truly changed since joining Override. Exercising became training which in turn became not something to just stay in shape, but something that’s ingrained into my life for increasing my physical, mental and overall well being. Going to the gym is truly a bright spot in my day even if its workout I know will attack all of my weaknesses.”

“When I first started at Override there were PRs left and right. Now…not so much (truly a humbling experience). My most memorable PR was probably Murph of 2019. I planned on only wearing a weighted vest during the mile runs, but was motivated by some members to keep it on for the entirety of the workout. It was truly one of the biggest mental and physical tests I’ve had at the gym. I’ll never forget my brother Keith and Gallagher joining me for my last quarter mile and ending it with a sprint to the finish.” 

“Right now I’m working on increasing my flexibility and mobility and my upper body strength. These areas I truly struggle with and tend to ignore (oops) because mentally they are hard for me to focus on. I’ve been trying to overcome this because progress in these areas will allow me to move forward in many other aspects.”

“My favorite Override memory? I honestly can say there’s not one specific memory because the gym has been such a huge part of my life since opening day in 2016. There have been so many good memories like my deadlift PR at the lift off and my first muscle, but what stands out the most is all the people I have met and friendships I have made that would have never happened had I not joined Override. Getting to train with my family and best friends everyday truly makes Override have such a positive impact on my life and my mindset.”

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